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Our Grey Nylon Mission Belt features a premium grade buckle with our signature wheel and wing South Main Iron Logo on gunmetal or matte black.

Size Guide
Medium: Up to 35"
Large: Up to 38"
Custom: Up to 56"

• ALWAYS FITS: The Mission Belt design is a whole lot of innovation packed into a simple concept. Unlike traditional belts with one inch spaced holes, this belt offers 32 click points that are a quarter-inch apart. You're just one click away from a perfect fit. 

• THE MISSION: One dollar from every purchase goes towards Mission Belts Global Mission. Check it out.

• CUT IT UP: We recommend that you buy up a size. These belts can be easily cut on the buckle end to resize to fit. You don't need any fancy tools, just a pair of scissors or a pocket knife... cut to size and re-buckle. You're all set.